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Understanding CPD Accreditation

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You may have seen the announcements on Social Media:


Lifeline Workshops Inc. has achieved accredited CPD Status with the CPD Standards Office for The ASK Workshop. 


To achieve CPD accreditation we underwent a rigorous assessment process that focused on the development and delivery of our training, including our educational authority, how we collect and utilize our participant feedback and ensure our content is kept up to date.


The Professional Development Consortium is home to the CPD Standards Office, the CPD Research Project and the Provider of Training Excellence. Their wealth of knowledge and research within the Learning and Develop-ment Industry and their team of industry professionals on the Expert Advisory Board are a few of the reasons that contribute to the detailed and rigorous assessment processes they have in place. Now that Lifeline Workshops Inc. has achieved this status as an accredited CPD Provider, we are committed to working hard to maintain, and exceed, the excellent standard we have already set.


To find the Lifeline Workshops Inc. listing as an accredited provider on the CPD Standards Office pages, follow this URL:


What is CPD Accreditation and what does it mean for participants of The ASK Workshop?

Courses with this accreditation meet standards set and recognized for Continuing Professional Development world-wide. Participants who complete The ASK Workshop can request a CPD Certificate of Attendance and can record their attendance towards their formal Continuing Professional Development/Continuing Education Unit requirements for their professional body, institute or employer anywhere in the world. The ASK Workshop has been accredited for seven Continuing Professional Development hours.


What does this mean for facilitators of The ASK Workshop?

There are important nuances around this accreditation that you need to be clear about going forward.

  • As indicated above, Lifeline Workshops Inc. is the Accredited Provider.

  • The ASK Workshop is the Accredited Course.

  • Facilitators of The ASK Workshop are NOT accredited by extension. And you may not promote or imply that you have CPD accreditation as a facilitator.

Nevertheless, our accreditation brings certain benefits to facilitators: 

This accreditation brings certain benefits to facilitators:

Enhanced status:

The CPD accreditation of The ASK Workshop is bound to enhance the status of The ASK Workshop and of you as a licensed facilitator of The ASK Workshop in the eyes of potential participants and host organizations. In fact, since our announcement about CPD accreditation on social media there has been a significant boost in enquiries and requests for the workshop.


More attention to your marketing and promotional messaging:

We recommend that you indicate in your promotional materials that The ASK Workshop program is CPD accredited. If you use promotional collateral developed by Lifeline Workshops Inc., the CPD logo denoting accreditation will be already be incorporated. You may feel free to use this collateral in all promotions for The ASK Workshop in print, on social media, email, and on your web site. Some is available now on the Facilitator web pages and more will be added soon.

All licensed facilitators in good standing with Lifeline Workshops Inc. are also eligible for listing with the CPD Standards Office.

Being listed entitles you to issue the CPD Certificate along with the standard certificate of completion. Professionals all over the world recognize the CPDSO accreditation as indicative of a high-quality professional learning experience that meets or exceeds international standards. Being listed as a CPD Certificate issuer may give you an advantage when people are looking for professional development courses. There are other benefits to being listed, including receiving the CPD logo jpeg to use in your print, web, and social media marketing of The ASK Workshop, and other perks that may be offered from time to time such as inclusion in CPD events.


Being authorized to issue the CPD certificate for The ASK Workshop is not automatic. It is an “opt-in” benefit. You must submit a request to be listed. Details about being listed by CPD are outlined below.


How can facilitators get listed and start issuing CPD Certificates to participants of The ASK Workshop?

To issue the CPD Certificate for The ASK Workshop you must be listed with the Continuing Professional Development Standards Office. In order to be listed your name must be submitted by Lifeline Workshops Inc. Listing must be renewed annually and is subject to a nominal administrative fee. 


Click here to see annual admin fees by country or region


Take the first step to get listed and give your participants a valuable addition to their professional portfolio, please follow this link to   CPD Listing Request Form.


When you fill out the form and submit it, our office verifies that you meet the eligibility requirements, and then authorizes your listing with CPDSO. Once you are listed our office will send you a PDF of the official CPD Certificate that can be filled in and printed for each participant who completes The ASK Workshop presented by you.


Please note that listing is for individual facilitators only (not their employer nor administrative body nor a group or team of facilitators). The administrative fee is payable when you submit your listing request. We remit the fees to CPD on behalf of facilitators.

Facilitators who do not renew each year will be dropped automatically from the CPD list and will lose the privilege of issuing CPD certificates. Facilitators who drop to "inactive" status by not presenting the required number of workshops annually will automatically be dropped from the CPD listing. To be reinstated on the CPD list they must regain eligibility by renewing their active facilitator status, re-apply to be listed, and submit the annual fees.


Important changes to your promotional messaging and our expectations of ALL facilitators now that The ASK Workshop is accredited by CPD.


Accreditation will not change the way The ASK Workshop is presented. All facilitators, regardless of whether they are listed with CPDSO are expected to adhere to the standards and expectations for workshop delivery as outlined in the Facilitation Manual.

All facilitators of The ASK Workshop may promote the workshop as a CPD accredited course, consistent with the messaging from Lifeline Workshops Inc.

Inevitably, upon noting the CPD accreditation, many participants will reasonably expect that they will receive a CPD certificate on course completion. In the interest of transparency, and to manage expectations, we require the following from facilitators of The ASK Workshop:

  • Listed facilitators should clearly indicate in all public messaging about The ASK Workshop that they issue CPD certificates on request to participants who complete the workshop;

  • Facilitators who are not listed with CPDSO must state in their promotional materials that they do not issue CPD certificates. This will avoid confusion and any potential customer dissatisfaction.

  •  Facilitators who are not listed with CPDSO and who fail to make this clear in their promotional messaging may face suspension of their license to present the workshop if there are complaints from the public.

Will the pricing guidelines for The ASK Workshop be affected by accreditation or being listed?


Our pricing guidelines will not change. All Facilitators are expected to continue follow our published guidelines for fees to participants and host clients. However, it is recommended for Listed Facilitators to add a surcharge to registration for anyone requesting a CPD Certificate. In Canada and the USA a surcharge of $5-$15 CAD/US per CPD certificate is recommended and in the UK we suggest £4-£8.

Please note that Lifeline Workshops Inc. does not issue CPD certificates. Only CPD listed facilitators of The ASK Workshop may do so.

Annual Administration Fees for CPDO Listing

By Country/Region*

United Kingdom             40  UK 


Canada                          $70  CAD


USA                                $70  US


*subject to change without notice

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Admin fees
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