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The ASK Workshop

Training for Facilitators

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About the T4F



Tuition Fees

The Training for Facilitators (T4F) is fully online and prepares candidates to present The ASK Workshop online, which is our standard delivery format. Face-to-Face delivery is an available option for candidates who  successfully complete all aspects of the T4F and demonstrate competence in online delivery. 

Read on to learn about the format and structure of the T4F. 

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The T4OF is an intensive 3 step training experience that supports eligible candidates in learning to present The "ASK" Workshop ONLINE. The training consists of primarily synchronous Livestream classroom learning spread over two sets of consecutive days ( 2 half-days + 3 days) with from two to four days in between for independent study and preparation. Livestream sessions are typically scheduled as Tuesday-Wednesday and Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday. Facilitators of the online format are eligible to attend a short training, at nominal additional charge, to support their ability to present the workshop in the face-to-face format, should that option become available in their local area as determined by local public health regulations and our company policy and guidelines.


The T4OF begins at Step 1 with participation in a demonstration of The ASK Workshop ONLINE (asynchronous and synchronous online learning) over two consecutive half-days led by two highly experienced Facilitators, after which Facilitators in Training receive a copy of the Facilitator Manual and supporting audio visuals. They are given a weighty assignment including studying the manual and completing an online quiz over the next two to four days.


Step 2 immerses Facilitators in Training in exploration and discussion of  the workshop content and processes, supported by the T4FOF Session Leader, over three consecutive days of Livestream sessions varying from 4 to 6.5 hours in length with breaks. They practice facilitating  parts of the workshop with feedback and support from each other and the Session Leader. They explore online learning pedagogy and learn how to support participant learning during the workshop. Step 2 involves intensive study and preparation outside of the virtual classroom. To maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome at the T4OF, Facilitator Candidates are advised not to schedule work or social activities during Step 2.


Step 3 begins with individualized feedback and consultation with the Session Leader. Candidates share their own self-evaluative reflections; they consult with the Session Leader to determine their next steps, which will include presentation of the workshop as part of a team at least once. Successful candidates are invited to sign an agreement with the developer licensing them to present the workshop online. 


The T4OF has been designed to maximize candidate success, including up to two hours post-T4OF support as needed at no additional cost.

The registration fee per candidate is $1950 CAD within Canada. Other countries: $1950 USD payable in USD, Singapore Dollar, GBP, or Australian Dollar and based on current exchange rate. Fee does not include taxes which are payable where applicable. This fee includes coaching and support from a T4F Session Leader over all days of the T4F, all facilitator materials (manual, audio visuals, slide deck) as well as up to two hours post-T4F support as needed in consultation with the Session Leader.

For more information about the T4F please email:

NOTE:  All workshop facilitators are part of a two person team, one of whom (the Quality Assurance Partner) plays an important role in quality assurance and requires more extensive training and expertise. In most cases we connect  Workshop Facilitators with a member of our pool of certified Quality Assurance Partners before each workshop. For more information about the facilitation team  please email:

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Requirements, Expectations, and Learning Goals




Attendance at the T4F does not guarantee that a given candidate will meet all requirements to become a Facilitator for The "ASK" Workshop, which will be assessed on an ongoing basis at the T4F. Below is a summary of the learning objectives and expectations of the T4F:


Candidates attending a Training for Facilitators for The ASK Workshop are expected to participate in discussions and activities including practicing and demonstrating proficiency in front of a group and self-evaluation. They receive coaching support with feedback and are assessed by the Session Leader on the following parameters over the course of the three days:


  • Actively participates in their own learning.

  • Supports the learning of others.

  • Respects and values the perspectives of others.

  • Invites active participation of others.

  • Remains focused on stated learning goals, objectives and related activities.

  • Demonstrates understanding of the content.

  • Offers comments and asks questions that help to clarify content or take learning to a deeper level.

  • Demonstrates respect for and appreciation of diverse cultural contexts, both in terms of the material being presented and the learning experience in the training room.

  • Demonstrates a transition from the perspective of learner to that of facilitator in the following ways:

    • consideration of the impact on the learner of live in-workshop events (planned/unplanned);

    • consideration of learner needs and potential need to adapt to those needs such as through pace, use of examples, support of discussion versus lecture as needed to advance learning;

    • respects and demonstrates fidelity to content, process, format, and order of unfolding as set out in the facilitator guide.

  • Presents in their own words demonstrating understanding and integration of content.

  • Presents clearly, in a thoughtful and engaging manner.

Virtual Team Meeting

Apply now to be considered for the next scheduled T4F Start by submitting an application with a reference and $100 application fee. Once an applicant has been accepted, the application fee will be deducted from the total fee. An invoice will be issued when your application is accepted, and payment in full is required in order to hold your seat at the T4F. In exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to cancel, in which case funds will be refunded in full. In the event that a registered candidate wishes to cancel their attendance at the T4F at least 31 days in advance, a refund will be issued less our nonrefundable application fee. No refunds for cancellations less than 31 days in advance of the training. Arrangements can be made to apply the registration fee to another date or for another candidate. Complete the application form below and click submit to  be considered for the next open registration T4F.

Next scheduled open registration T4F is:
 Nov. 25-26 plus Dec. 2-4, 2024
Apply now.

This application must be accompanied by an application fee of $100. The fee will be automatically deducted from the total amount owing if you are accepted into the T4F.  We'll notify you when your application is accepted and send you information on how to remit the balance of your tuition fees. 

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The ASK Workshop
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