The ASK Workshop ONLINE


How do you translate a full-day, interactive, evidence-informed, activity-rich, case-based,

face-to-face workshop to online? 



Thoughtfully, and with care.

Introducing The ASK Workshop V3 ONLINE


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The ASK Workshop V3 ONLINE exceeds participant expectations: internationally accredited, excellent learner materials, highly relevant learning resources. Effective, safe, affordable. Now available as online or face-to-face workshops. 

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“The ASK Workshop™ has been incorporated into a 5th semester course on emotional wellbeing from childhood through adolescence... a required course for all students in Seneca College's four-year Honours Bachelor of Child Development program. ” 

Julie Gerrits, Professor and Program Coordinator , School of Early Childhood Education, Seneca College.

How is the online course structured?

Self-Paced Online Modules


Live-Stream Facilitated Interactive Sessions


Safe, Accessible, Effective Learning 

  • Learn about the risk factors and warning flags signalling that a child may be at risk of suicide.

  • Practice using an evidence based brief screening tool that anyone can use to match a child who needs support or help to the most appropriate helper.

  • Benefit from working with a group of passionate and experienced colleagues who share their unique perspectives.

  • Learn from an experienced facilitator using current wisdom from clinical practice and published research.


Your learning journey begins* with two self-paced learning modules that can easily be completed in about an hour total, with a Baseline Survey to help you target your learning in preparation for the two interactive Livestream sessions scheduled for a few days later. 


Each Livestream session is approximately 4.5 hours in length, leaving ample time for learning using video case studies, facilitator guided simulations, small group discussions, and opportunities to apply your new knowledge using helpful tools and resources. Livestream sessions are facilitated by two presenters, typically over two consecutive days .


Upon completion of all components participants complete an Exit Survey that helps them measure their learning accomplishments, download a certificate and a Digital Reference Tool.

*Recommended preparation: LivingWorks' Start, safeTALK, ASIST or similar

What is the cost to attend?

Individual seats at The ASK Workshop V3 ONLINE can be purchased for $135 USD/CAD or  80 GBP, depending on the location of the host/organizer.

Corporations and Systems--

Talk to us about rates for volume licensing. 

Become a Facilitator

of The ASK Workshop ONLINE

Virtual Team Meeting
Now accepting applications 
Training for Facilitators 
5 days: Dec. 8-9 plus Dec 14-16, 2022 
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What happens at a T4OF?

The T4OF is an intensive 3 step training experience that supports eligible candidates in learning to present The "ASK" Workshop ONLINE. The training consists of primarily synchronous Livestream classroom learning spread over two sets of consecutive days ( 2 half-days + 3 days) with from two to four days in between for independent study and preparation. Livestream sessions are typically scheduled as Tuesday-Wednesday and Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday. Facilitators of the online format are eligible to attend a short training to support their ability to present the workshop in the face-to-face format, should that option become available in their local area as determined by local public health regulations and our company policy and guidelines.


The T4OF begins at Step 1 with participation in a demonstration of The ASK Workshop ONLINE (asynchronous and synchronous online learning) over two consecutive half-days led by two highly experienced Facilitators, after which Facilitators in Training receive a copy of the Facilitator Manual and supporting audio visuals. They are given a weighty assignment including studying the manual and completing an online quiz over the next two to four days.


Step 2 immerses Facilitators in Training in exploration and discussion of  the workshop content and processes, supported by the T4FOF Session Leader, over three consecutive days of Livestream sessions varying from 4 to 6.5 hours in length with breaks. They practice facilitating  parts of the workshop with feedback and support from each other and the Session Leader. They explore online learning pedagogy and learn how to support participant learning during the workshop. Step 2 involves intensive study and preparation outside of the virtual classroom. To maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome at the T4OF, Facilitator Candidates are advised not to schedule work or social activities during Step 2.


Step 3 begins with individualized feedback and consultation with the Session Leader. Candidates share their own self-evaluative reflections; they consult with the Session Leader to determine their next steps, which will include presentation of the workshop as part of a team at least once. Successful candidates are invited to sign an agreement with the developer licensing them to present the workshop online. 


The T4OF has been designed to maximize candidate success, including up to two hours post-T4OF support as needed at no additional cost.

The registration fee for an open registration T4F is $1450 Canadian or US funds plus applicable taxes. This fee includes coaching and support from a T4F Session Leader over all days of the T4F, all facilitator materials (manual, audio visuals, slide deck) as well as up to two hours post-T4F support as needed in consultation with the Session Leader. Note: No refunds. In exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to cancel, in which case funds will be refunded in full. 

For more information about the T4F please email:

NOTE:  All workshop facilitators are part of a two person team, one of whom (the Quality Assurance Partner) plays an important role in quality assurance and requires more extensive training and expertise. In most cases we connect  Workshop Facilitators with a member of our pool of certified Quality Assurance Partners before each workshop. For more information about the facilitation team  please email:

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In addition to submitting an application with a reference, applicants are typically invited to an interview with members of our Facilitator Support Team as part of the selection process.