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Our 'WHY'




We started with 'why'

Our life journey is like climbing a mountain. Some parts are relatively easy, comfortable, even enjoyable. But much of the time the trail is uneven, precarious, unpredictable. There are also hard steep climbs where one's footing and fortitude are tested. The climb itself may begin to seem impossible, even futile, and for some, surrender may become a tempting option. Essential gear for any climber is the rope connecting them to a climbing partner and to an immovable rock face. This connection can literally mean the difference between life and death for climbers. 

Our company name and the icon in our logo refer to this lifeline. One rope, representing the person at risk, connected to others. Conspicuous in the image is the link itself, strong, with the potential for additional connections. This image signals that in our work with people at risk of suicide dependable connections to caring others, including skilled resources, become a lifeline for a person at risk of suicide, that can continue to be strengthened by links to additional resources. 


























Our Why
Our Values

Three pillars to support our core values

The first pillar: Excellence

We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our courses, workshops, presentations and trainings are well researched, evidence-informed, and thoughtfully developed based on adult learning principles utilizing varied modalities to engage the learner and enhance retention while building competence and confidence. As an Accredited Provider with the CPD Standards Office, our accredited courses meet professional development requirements and expectations for all professional bodies, regulators and membership organizations across the globe. We are committed to working hard to maintain, and exceed, the excellent standard we have already set to continue to offer learning opportunities at the highest level.

The second pillar: Integrity

To us, integrity is about being honest, ethical, moral, and accountable. It means transparency (no hidden meanings or hidden agendas). It means giving credit where credit is due, acknowledging the ideas, creativity, and efforts of others, whether they be thought leaders, team members, or learners. We embrace fair and upright business practices and do not intentionally mislead or make false claims. As a social enterprise, we seek to support others to be successful through ethical and transparent practices and providing help where and when we can.

The third pillar: Respect

Respect is both an attitude and a way of treating others. We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and courtesy, with due regard for their feelings, ideas, needs, rights and traditions. We believe that respect is another way of communicating caring, which is at the core of supporting life and preventing suicide. Respect is central to all of our messaging and in all of our interactions with our colleagues, clients, participants, and members of the community.


 Excellence, Integrity, Respect

Our clients, facilitators, and learners count on us to respectfully, reliably, and ethically do our upmost to meet and exceed their needs and expectations, not just in the learning environment, but in every interaction they have with us.

A shared mission 

Our mission is to empower you to help a person at risk of suicide craft their own lifeline including links that they can trust and depend on to help provide safety in times of risk. 


Preventing suicide and the despair and pain that both lead people to it and that it leaves behind is at the heart of everything we do, from writing and developing workshops and on line courses to delivery of our products and services and those of like-minded colleagues like LivingWorks Education.


As a social enterprise company we are able to apply business tools to our mission of suicide prevention, and in doing so, work toward sustainability, innovation, and growth that might not be possible otherwise.

You can Join us in our mission to prevent suicide through awareness, education, and training. Take a course. Become a facilitator. Help prevent suicide in YOUR community by adding connections and strengthening lifelines for every member of the community, including yourself and those you care about. 



Our Mission
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