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Wallis Balog suicide prevention training

Wallis Balog ... is exceptionally sensitive to people's feelings and to the nuances of their disclosures. She has a remarkable ability to make participants feel safe and willing to take emotional risks. Wallis interacted easily with adolescents, young adults, adults and seniors, and successfully engaged them in working across generations in the training sessions.

Christyn Perkons, Director
Congregational Support & Development, Anglican Diocese of Niagara

Wallis Balog has mastered the ability to create an atmosphere that is inclusive, open, and participatory. Not only does Wallis have a vast knowledge of suicide and related issues, she has a deep appreciation for how talking about suicide affects individuals in both subtle and profound ways, and is able to translate this awareness into her practice as a trainer. For instance, it always amazes me how Wallis is able to infuse a well-measured amount of humour into a session on suicide—a quality that youth respond very positively to, helping them to open up and enter into the dialogue... I have no hesitation in saying that she is one of the most effective trainers in the business. 

Nic M. Weststrate, MA, PhD Student, University of Toronto

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