Recommended Readings
for Facilitators

These readings are intended to help you deepen your understanding of child suicide. Newer items are aded at the bottom of the list. 

Research on Suicide Overlooks Young Children

Children and Suicide: Are There Red Flags?

Emotional Triggers, Suicide, Young Children

The Relationship between early childhood stress and negative outcomes  in adulthood

First Nations and Child and Family Services

If you will be presenting to helpers who work with children in Indigenous Communities in Canada you may find this article very informative.

Association Between Media Reporting on Suicide and Likelihood of Suicide 

Although this research discusses media reports, it seems important to wonder if these findings might also apply to other kinds of reporting, such as well-intended public speakers who share the details of suicide attempts and deaths including method, since many schools invite such testimonial presentations.

Males and females with ADHD present differently--often it is missed in girls. Yet it is a risk factor for suicide in both males and females. Learn about the differences in presentation between girls and boys with ADHD

Females with ADHD: An expert consensus statement

Indigenous People in Canada: Suicide & Intergenerational Trauma

If you present to Indigenous audiences, or to helpers to Indigenous communities you will find up-to-date info here to support your understanding of the relationship between intergenerational trauma and suicide.