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training for facilitators


safe -- supportive -- encouraging

designed to bring out the best in you --  

so you can bring out the best in the people you train. 

Due to the pandemic, The ASK Workshop and the Training for Facilitators have moved to an online format.

Click here to learn about the Training for Online Facilitators.


Frequently asked questions about training to become a facilitator

Who can become a facilitator for The "ASK" Workshop?

If you are interested in becoming a facilitator for The ASK Workshop we invite you to submit an application form. You will find full information and the application form to download here

What does it cost to become a Facilitator of The ASK Workshop?

Cost for the T4F varies with location, however, cost of The "ASK" Workshop T4F is usually around $1400 depending on the location in North America and could be higher in the UK. These costs do not include your travel, accommodations, taxes. Materials and some meals are included. For more specific information regarding fees in your local area, contact us.

Who facilitates the T4F?

All T4F courses are facilitated by seasoned and experienced facilitators who must meet minimum requirements for training and have undergone additional professional development enabling them to be licensed to present the T4F.

Where are the T4F courses offerred?

As of now, the T4F is offered at sites in Canada and England. Many of these are open registration courses, but we also bring private T4F courses to communities and workplaces on request. Bring a T4F to your local area contact us.

I already attended the workshop. Do I have to do it again at the T4F?

Yes, experiencing a demonstration of the program led by a highly experienced facilitator is an important element of the T4F. With this experience fresh in your mind you will be able to reflect and discuss the content and processes with your instructor and colleagues at the T4F and use it to inform your own development as a facilitator. If you have already participated in the workshop that experience will give you more familiarity with the material, and might help you to get a deeper understanding of why we do things the way we do.

What is involved in becoming a facilitator?

Successful completion of the T4F course includes demonstrate that you meet certain minimum expectations. These will be made clear to you at the T4F, and you will be encouraged to track your own progress and compare your thoughts with those of your Session Leader. Depending on your learning needs, you may be offerred up to 2 hours of additional mentoring support at NO CHARGE after the T4F to maximize your potential as a facilitator. Other support may also be recommended. After succressfully completing the T4F you are expected to present the workshop twice over the next 12 month period to attain full licensed status and to complete a minimum of two workshops per year afterward to maintain your licence to present.